AdaptingLegal Helps

The way you provide your legal services must be future proof if you hope to survive. Your services must be dynamic, adaptive and responsive to the shifting access to legal expertise. Your team must be empowered to respond to the increasing pressure to deliver higher quality work in less time and at lower cost.

AdaptingLegal makes the provision of high-quality services affordable for legal customers and cost-effective for the legal professionals providing them.



Create and access online forms that matter. Collect the customer data needed to provide affordable and meaningful legal services.


AdaptingLegal will process the data collected and transform it into usable information – laying the foundation for data-driven solutions.


AdaptingLegal delivers solutions to legal problems – whether that’s optimised legal processes for you or do-it-yourself legal solutions for your clients.


Smart generators

Create and deliver legal services

Create and access online legal services that matter. Collect and process the customer data needed to deliver affordable and meaningful legal services.

Work safely with colleagues and clients

The collection and processing of data and the delivery of legal services is done through encryption and it uses 2 factor authentication.
Online Legal Template database

Online legal templates available

The Online Legal Template Database is a collection of online legal services, spread over different areas of Dutch law. Consider, for example, the drawing up of a parenting plan or privacy policy, the establishment of an enterprise or the notice and debt collection procedure.
File Management

Control and Deliver

Manage and control the status of ongoing applications, offers you and your clients the opportunity to share additonal data required and to deliver the final online legal service.

Smart integration and connection

AdaptingLegal can easily be integrated within your own website. The legal services are fully embedded and placed in your website. To engage with you on system level we can design an API based on you business criteria.
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