About us


Adapting was established in 2017 with the aim of simplifying legal processes and improving access to justice. The first solution Adapting delivers to the market is AdaptingLegal – a SaaS solution designed to create and deliver online legal services that matter.

With AdaptingLegal, you can use customisable online forms to integrate the intelligent collection and processing of legal customer data into your business’s operational chain.

The team

Mark van Dorp (CEO & founder)

With a background in IT-services and outsourcing, Mark saw how much the legal world could gain from technological disruption. He founded Adapting to develop solutions like AdaptingLegal that would benefit both legal customers and legal service providers.

Niels van der Vlist (CTO & co-founder)

With more than 10 years’ experience in web development, Niels is the architect and head developer behind AdaptingLegal. Niels is always looking for that next improvement that makes AdaptingLegal even better for legal market participants.

Merel Kramps (Legal Business Application Consultant)

Merel understands how to summarize legal procedures into a decision tree and  then turn them into a smart online legal service.

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